Beach Haven offers more things to do than any other Long Beach Island community. One of the biggest draws, besides the beach, is LBI's only amusement park – Fantasy Island Park. If you need to find a place to eat, a place to stay or just want to go shopping, that is all well covered here too.

Unless you arrived by boat, anyone that has been to Long Beach Island has visited Ship Bottom. It is found at the end of Route 72 and is the first place you see once you have crossed the bridge.


Beach Badge Information

Beach badges are required on the ocean and bay beaches for everyone older than 12. They are needed from mid June through early September. The rates for badges are:

seasonal - $35

weekly - $17, valid from Saturday through Friday

daily - $7

senior - $3, 65 years young and over (proof of age required, lifetime badge))


Surf City has more full time residents and commercial establishments than any other Long Beach Island borough. It's development and contemporary make up have been strongly influenced by its location at one end of the causeway bridge. Everyone who visits LBI knows Surf City, whether you stay there or head north or south after crossing the bridge. It is also home to the Surf City Yacht Club.


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