Barnegat Light - Long Beach Island, NJ

Barnegat Light, New Jersey

dry docked boats in Barnegat LightThe borough is the northernmost community on LBI. Barnegat Light is named after its most well known local attraction, Old Barney (the Barnegat Lighthouse) - which happens to be one of the Jersey shore's most famous landmarks. Despite being know as a quiet, relaxing shore town, the boroughs location on the southern side of Barnegat Inlet has led to the development of some interesting local history. Henry Hudson noted the area in one of the earliest records of the Jersey shore. The Barnegat Light Massacre also occurred here and there is, of course, the lighthouse itself. Other notable highlights of the area are the the US Coast Guard boat station and the commercial fishery that is based out of the Viking Village.



the Barnegat Light lighthouse

Bed and Breakfast

There are three in town...


You have two choices....

  • Ella's Motel
    18th Street and Central Avenue
  • North Shore Inn
    806 Central Ave

Home Rentals

You can inquire about home rentals with the local realtors....

  • Inman Realty
    17th Street and Central Avenue
  • Long Beach Island Real Estate
    1608 Central Avenue
  • Prudential-Zach Realty
    29th Street and Central Avenue


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Groceries. Liquor etc.

  • Inlet Deli
    4th Street and Broadway
    open all year

White's Grocery store

  • White's Market
    1507 Central Avenue
  • Frank's Produce
    Viking Village
    18th Street and Bayview Avenue
  • Barnegat Light Liquor Store
    7th Street and Broadway
    open all year
  • Lighthouse Marina General Store
    6th Street and Bayview Avenue
  • Viking Village Fish Market
    18th and Bayview Avenue
  • Village Brew
    Viking Village, 18th Street and Bayview Avenue

Ice Cream

  • Kelly's Dairy Queen
  • Carousel Ice Cream Parlor
    607 Broadway

Restaurants, Take Out and more

  • 18th Street Cafe
    18th Street and Central Avenue
  • Kelly's Old Barney Restaurant
  • Kubel's
    7th Street and Bayview Avenue
    open all year
  • Mustache Bill's Diner
    8th Street and Broadway
    Winner of the prestigious American Classics Award
    Mustache Bill's on the Food Network!

a sign for Mustache Bill's Diner

  • Off the Hook
    19th Street & Bayview
  • Rick's American Cafe
    4th Street and Broadway
    open all year
  • The View
    4th Street and Broadway


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long beach island beach scene

General Beach Information

The ocean beach is accessible from all the side streets in Barnegat Light. You can park on most of these streets too but there a few places where you cannot - pay attention to the parking signs and heed their instructions!

The lifeguards are on duty 10 AM to 5 PM. During these times you are required to have a beach badge (see below). Public Restrooms can be found at Barnegat Lighthouse, in the main parking lot and at the park office, and at 10th and Bayview Ave. There are not public changing rooms available.

The bay beach can be a nice alternative if you have small children. The bay swimming area has shallow and relatively calm water. The parking lot at 25th street and Bayview Ave provides nice access to the bay beach.

beach regulations sign

Barnegat Light Beach Badges

Badges are mandatory at the ocean and bay beaches for those older then eleven from mid June through early September. The rates for badges in 2009 are:

* season - $35
* weekly - $20, valid Saturday through Friday
* daily - $5
* senior - $8; for all persons 65 and older

Badges are sold at the Municipal Office (Boro Hall) during business hours (8:30 am - 4:00 pm Monday through Friday). If you have any questions you can call 609-494-9196. You can also purchase badges from the badge checkers. They are stationed at the entrances to the beaches so you can't miss em!


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the borough's municipal building

The municipal building is located at 7 East Street

Barnegat Light Municipal website


Interesting Local Stuff......

  • Barnegat Light used to be called Barnegat City. The name was changed in 1948.
  • Viking Village was begun by a group of Scandinavian expat fisherman.
  • The Inlet Deli is located on the site of the original post office. The Post Office first moved in 1950, to 18th street, then was later moved to 10th street.
  • A one room school house was built in Barnegat Light in 1903. It closed in 1951 and remains as the one and only schoolhouse to have existed here.
  • The area's original tourists were primarily visitors that took a train from New York City to Toms River, then traveled the last leg of their journey by boat.


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