Long Beach Township - LBI, NJ

Long Beach Township, New Jersey

There are many smaller communities on Long Beach Island that are governed under a single governance - Long Beach Island Township. Their beaches, municipal ordinances, and other town management functions are the same across all of these named places.

Beach Haven Crest

Beach Haven Gardens

Beach Haven Inlet

Beach Haven Park

Beach Haven Terrace

Brant Beach

Brighton Beach

Haven Beach



North Beach

North Beach Haven

Peahala Park

South Beach Haven

Spray Beach

The Dunes

These communities take up 2/3 of Long Beach Island.

2008 Beach Badge Information

Badges are required on the ocean and bay beaches for everyone older than 11 from now (mid June) through September 1, 2008. The rates for badges are:

seasonal badge - $35

weekly badge - $20, (good from Saturday through Friday)

daily badge - $5

Seniors 65 years young and older do not need a badge (proof of age required).

Lifeguards are on duty from 10 AM to 5 PM, daily, through Labor Day.

Operation Thank You! - Military personel and their families are allowed on the beaches for free. All that is needed is a valid active duty military ID (show to the badge checker).

In addition to being able to buy daily and weekly badges from the beach checkers, beach badges can also be purchased at:

Brant Beach Office
6805 Long Beach Blvd.
Brant Beach, NJ 08008
(609) 361-6675

Office Hours
Mon. – Fri. 9am to 4pm
Sat. & Sun. 9am to 3pm

Loveladies Foundation Office
120 Long Beach Blvd.
Loveladies, NJ 08008

Office Hours
Fri. 9am to 4pm
Sat. & Sun. 9am to 3pm